Brexit shipping - changes March 3rd - Kettle Yarn Co.

Brexit shipping - changes March 3rd

The dreaded day has arrived and I've had a few questions about shipping to the EU now that Brexit is in play. The good news is nothing will change with shipping your Kettle Yarn Co. parcels.⁠

Luckily for us, the current rules state that “goods ordered from and manufactured in the UK should not attract customs duty.

As all my yarns are manufactured in the UK you will not be getting charged any extra customs duty, and business continues as normal. See note below on VAT.

Shipping everywhere else in the world remains the same.


UPDATE MARCH 3: Due to someone trying to pressure another UK yarn dyer into following my policy, I am no longer able to ensure you won’t be charged VAT with shipping to the EU. Huge apologies all! ☹️

UPDATE 16 Feb: I’ve now had great feedback from EU customers to confirm they had no delays with shipping and were not charged any extra duties or VAT when the parcel arrived! 🥳

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