WALTHAM Aran- Bluefaced Leicester... Graveney

100g= 166 m • 182 y Colourway: Graveney - icy silver Please note that the colour settings on your monitor may not display hues accurately and that as a hand-dyed product the colour intensity can very from skein to skein. Please email me directly before purchasing if you have any colour concerns. Thanks! [Items shown: Cable cardi is my Brynja design, sweater jacket is Kodiak by Paulina Popiolek, shawl in Peaky Blinder and Graveney is All I want by Joji Locatelli.] This gently rustic yarn is slightly crisp but soft enough for delicate skins. With no pokey guard hairs it is perfect for those of use who crave the look and handle of honest, untreated yarn without the typically associated itch! This blend is a spongy 3ply yarn with a bit of tooth which makes it ideal for cables and  lace. Bluefaced Leicester wool combines three highly prized qualities:
  1. a softness akin to Merino
  2. a long staple fibre which makes this yarn hard wearing and very low pilling
  3. a natural lustre which gives the yarn a gentle sheen, reflecting light to enhance stitchwork and colour without being too shiny
We only use supersorted 100% British Bluefaced Leicester which means that the fibre is picked through at twice the rate that normal wools are handled and then examined again before being combed and sent for processing at the spinning mill. This ensures that only the softest BFL is used for our blends, delicate enough for the most sensitive skins.

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