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HYTHE - limited edition ooak

Kid Mohair / Silk
50 g = 420 meters (459 yards)
Colourway: Exclusive one of a kind skeins - Acidic green, teals, yellow and green on a blush-y base. Not repeatable - once these are gone they are gone!

This colour will add a beautifully subtle shimmer of colour held together with any other hue. Try it with new Marine, shown!

This delicious kid Mohair/ silk is the softest you'll ever feel, soft and warm against the skin. Not a fan of the usual grades of Kid Mohair yarn I've have sourced the softest possible fibre for this yarn. 

Mohair Facts

Mohair comes from the Angora goat. True Kid Mohair is usually the 1st and 2nd shearing of an Angora goat, at 6 and 12 months. This grade is the most expensive as the kids, being tiny, don’t have a large amount of fur (1-2 kg) and this represents the finest fibre possible for the breed. Some of the well known yarn out there labelled 'kid' is definitely not this grade, but coarser and scratchier. Read More ...

Please note that the colour settings on your monitor may not display hues accurately and that as a hand-dyed product the colour intensity can very from skein to skein. Please email me directly before purchasing if you have any colour concerns. Thanks!

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