Supporting the historic British yarn industry luxurious Kettle Yarn Co. fibres are carefully selected from ethical British mills to ensure animal welfare. 

By sourcing and manufacturing the yarns from the UK, I aim to minimise my company's carbon footprint and help to bring business back to a once thriving textile industry.  


The following yarns are lovingly spun in small batches exclusively for Kettle Yarn Co.

Baskerville/ Baskerville Dark
Exmoor Blueface 
• Gotland • Silk

DK 100g = 233 m • 255 yds
Fingering 100g = 233 m • 437 yds 

Hailing from the mysterious West Country moors, this new British blend is like no other, melding the lustrous, velvety crimp of fine British Gotland and the frothy loft of Exmoor Blueface. With a hint of luminous silk adding a gentle shimmer, this unique blend is a subtly modern take on traditional rustic yarns.

Baskerville is spun worsted, twisted lightly, to create the airy thick-and-thin character of traditional handspun with combed fibres for strength and softness. This unique blend blooms fully on blocking with separate stitches hugging together to create a light warm fabric with subtle drape that wears beautifully.

This blend comes in two delicious versions - a light version with more Exmoor Blueface than Gotland and a Dark version which is reversed. The Gotland rich version is slighty darker and denser with the same subtle silk glimmer. Slightly more rustic and less lofty than the original Baskerville this blend plays up Gotland’s unique velvet handle.  

British Bluefaced Leicester

DK 100g = 117 m • 127 yds
Fingering 100g = 400 m • 437 yds 

100% British Northiam is a smooth, worsted-spun yarn from the finest Bluefaced Leicester sourced, scoured, spun and dyed at a British mill. Velvety against bare skin this long, semi-lustrous fibre has a natural drape, holding a block beautifully.

The softest non-superwash Bluefaced Leicester you will ever feel, Northiam is low pilling with a dry, slightly crisp handle. Its long-staple fibres are excellent for both durable items and delicate lace. Spun with a rounded ply it has excellent stitch definition for cables, lace and other textures while creating beautifully balanced stockinette.


Superwash Bluefaced Leicester • Silk

DK 100g = 212 m • 232 yds
Fingering 100g = 400
 m • 437 yds 

Well-bred but streetwise, this lightweight blend yarn is versatile and strong while maintaining buttery softness – a sophisticated choice for everyday items, luxurious next-to-skin wear and precious accessories.

As soft as merino, *100% British superwash Bluefaced Leicester tempers the silk’s slipperiness while adding strength and elasticity. The high percentage of BFL also makes items hardwearing, very low pilling and long lasting. The addition of  silk adds a sophisticated sheen and drape with crispness and uniformity for stunning lace knitting. Islington DK is a cabled four-ply yarn – an incredibly strong, durable, abrasion-resistant yarn.

Baby Yak • Silk • ethically sourced superwash Merino

DK 100g = 212 m • 232 yds
Fingering 100g = 366 meters • 400 yards

Sourced from a British company that uses ethically farmed Peruvian Merino for this blend. Animals are not mulesed and are treated humanely, and production of this yarn helps to support local communities in Peru through the Mirasol Project.

Did you know that Cashmere production is creating huge environmental problems in Asia which are in turn negatively affecting the global climate? My Beyul is my response to this problem – a yarn with many of the same luxurious properties as Cashmere but none of the nasty consequences.

In huge contrast to Cashmere goats, Yaks have a minimal impact on sparse grassland and every single facet of the yak is used for survival making them and their fleece extremely environmental. In addition my Merino is sourced from Peru from ethical farms that don’t use mulesing on their sheep.

Kid Mohair / Silk
50 grams = 420 m • 459 yds

This kid Mohair/ silk is the softest you’ll ever feel, soft and warm against the skin. I don’t particularly like the usual grades of Mohair yarns available so sourced the softest possible. 

This grade is the most expensive as the kids, being tiny, don’t have a large amount of fur (1-2 kg) and this represents the finest fibre possible for the breed.