Listen. Learn. Grow. Act.

I support and stand with the Black and LGBTQ+ communities. As a non-black person of colour, I have seen the inequalities towards black people my entire life and am more committed than ever to listen, learn, and reflect on how I, as a person and as my brand, can improve diversity and combat racism. I'm committed to being a better ally and being an active anti-racist.

I stand against discrimination towards LGBTQ+ people and aim to provide an environment on all my platforms where all people, including those who identify as LGBTQ+, feel welcomed, respected, safe, and valued as full members of our community.

Here are my promises to our community:

I am more committed than ever to diversifying my representation. This includes seeking out and working with more BIPOC and LGBTQ+ designers and continuing to strive for diversity in the images I show to my customers in order to better reflect our community, real life and my identity as a person and a brand. 

I will continue to educate myself and help to spread this knowledge on my platforms. As a small, one person business, I am grateful to be privileged with a large platform on social media to speak from and will use this to help others learn and grow.

Please see my Instagram highlights to get information on sources to educate yourself further on how to actively work against white supremacy and, discrimination and bigotry. Also, please also sign up to my newsletters, where I will be continuing to share my learning journey and info to fight discrimination of every form.

I will continue to donate and encourage others to donate to Black Lives Matter and other organisations actively fighting for change.

I encourage all my customers and people reading this to listen, learn and grow. Don't let defensiveness, fear or guilt stop you from learning how our current system is biased against people of colour and those deemed 'different' from the norm - and how those of us that present as white or appear to conform to 'normal' benefit from this privilege every moment of every day.

Listen. Learn. Grow. Act.