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Colour Facts

Colour online is mostly how your screen reads code. The more pixels a screen has combined with the bit depth reading capabilities, the more colour combinations can be displayed. This varies from device to device.

Although I take great care in photographing my yarns, all colours on the internet can vary from monitor to monitor due to the nature of different hardware settings. Check out this article for a better explanation than I can get into here.

NOTE: I am unable to offer refunds due to colours not matching what you saw on your monitor as it is completely out of my control, so please contact me by email before purchasing if you need help with a specific hue.

All my yarn is dyed to try and prevent striping or pooling as much as possible. In hand dyed yarn, this creates a random/softer variegated effect that looks amazing in plain stockinette but also works fabulously with more complicated and textural stitch motifs.

Dye lots are not available as dyes are applied by hand in small quantities - therefore no two hanks are exactly the same, even in the same batch. As such, it is always advisable to alternate skeins of hand dyed yarn to create even colour in larger projects.

Some of the intense colours, particularly the pinks/reds/yellows, are naturally more prone to bleeding. Like all hand-dyers, I strongly recommend pre-washing bright colours if you are doing colourwork or striping to avoid disappointment in your finished garment. Putting a colour catcher in your blocking bath can help with this.

I've taken all possible steps to make these bright hues as colourfast as possible and have indicated this tendency on all colours that are more prone to bleeding. This is just a natural result of the smaller dye particles of super bright or fluorescent dyes. Be forewarned that these hues *may* bleed into lighter colours if you don't take the time to über-wash and rinse until every trace of colour is gone.

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