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20% off Asterisks!

September 10, 2015

We’ve got a bit of a treat for you this weekend, from designer extraordinaire Renée Callahan – aka ELK!

Renée has offered a generous 20% off one of my favourite shawl patterns – Asterisks Shawl until Sunday Sept 13th!

Use code YARNYHUG on Ravelry to get the offer.

As the temperature in the UK has already dropped, I was wearing my own Asterisks this weekend and realised I was loving every second of it and wanted to share. This large shawl is exactly like a huge yarn-y hug!

Kettle Yarn Co Asterisks 2

This oversize shawl is hands-down one of my fav things to wear and a perfect light layer that can be squished into a small bag, but still packs a huge punch for warmth! I’d put it away for the summer months and getting it out again felt like saying hello to an old friend. There is a solid section of stockinette at the neck to keep you warm in the ‘v’ of your jacket and the asterisks lace is lofty, trapping tons of heat inside your coat.
Kettle Yarn Co Asterisks 3
And I really love that this pattern beautifully shows off the textures of two different yarns. Not only can you contrast colours, you can play with the way the textures interact! Bliss for us yarn-hounds.
Kettle Yarn Co Asterisks detail
Shown above is a detail of my shawl in shimmering, silky yellow Islington and the soft, matte, rustic-looking Heath fingering in Willow Marl. I can imagine this shawl being gloriously different, but absolutely stunning, with a contrast of slinky Westminster and bouncy Twist or what about Beyul and Westminster??!
So many combo possibilities. Here are some I’ve come up with:

And if we go all subtly sophisticated and minimalist…what about contrasting just the textures in the same colour – a matte and shimmering silk? Oooooh.

Buy the pattern on Ravelry and see what joyful combo you can come up with on the shop. There is an update tomorrow morning as well, with even more colours of fingering to choose from.


Have fun!

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