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Baskerville in Pom Pom!

August 05, 2016

The eagerly-awaited Autumn issue of Pom Pom Quarterly is out and is a cracker! Not only is it a natural dye edition containing shedloads of gorgeous hand-dyed British yarn, but my indigo-dyed Baskerville – Exmoor Blueface/ British Gotland/ Silk –  is being showcased in this jaw-dropping design by my good friend Renée CallahanIara_PomPom_Baskerville

Just LOOK at these shots of Iara, her new wrap in my Baskerville shades Eventide and Dawn, taken by photographer Rachel Hayton! Isn’t it gorgeous? The pattern is just divine.

I am planning to cast this on in Baskerville greys asap, especially as my copy of Pom Pom arrived yesterday! Stay tuned for a new, darker, more Gotland-y shade of Baskerville coming soon.

Indigo dyed Baskerville is now in shop for your knitting pleasure, though be forewarned, there is a limited number of the indigo blues. I’ve found the chemicals in the dye process too hard on my feeble lungs due to the lingering Sarcoidosis in my system, so am limiting my natural dyeing considerably. Don’t worry, though, the range of blues will be available in safer acid dye more regularly.

If you’ve not yet seen Clara Parkes’ review on my new yarn blend, check it out and see the amazing things she has to say.


Make sure to preorder your copy of the new Pom Pom now. It is a keeper – just look at the list of star designers!

I can see myself knitting from this for months to come as every pattern is something I would wear.



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