Champagne, cowls and a huge thank you! - Kettle Yarn Co.

Champagne, cowls and a huge thank you!

September 08, 2015

It was a busy weekend in London and, as those of you that were able to attend will agree, the Yarn in the City Marketplace was amazing! I’ve rarely experienced such a smoothly run show and the organisers – Allison and Rachel – did an amazing job working out every single detail before the show. My only regret was not being able to take part in the yarn crawl this year as it was running at the same time, but the feedback I got from those who went was glowing – a huge success all around!

The space itself was stunning. A gorgeous old building on Chelsea’s historic King’s Road. I drove in Central London for the first time and had good fun waving at the Queen whilst passing Buckingham Palace! Heh. No, really.

I stayed with Renée (aka talented designer ELK) and her lovely hubby again and we had some good bleary fun going out for sustenance. There may have been an incident of coffee up the nose at this cafe in Broadway Market. Maybe. Cause I’m nothing if not classy. ;-P

scene of the crime
scene of the crime

Also, I may have commandeered Alli’s Padparadscha Bagatelle Cowl from my recent The Boardwalk Collection for the show as it was just too glorious to pass up! Designed by the other half of the GLYC duo, Rachel Brown (aka fibre dyer extraordinaire Porpoise Fur) , I thought it was only fitting to wear it for the day.

Bagatelle in Islington DK Padparadscha © Allison Thistlewood

Aw. I just noticed that Alli has reviewed the Islington blend on her blog Champagne and Qiviut, whilst showcasing some of her recent glorious FOs in both the DK and fingering weights, like her stunning version of Curious Handmade’s gorgeous Pebble Beach Shawlette . Do head over and check out all the lovely things she has to say!

Pebble Beach in Islington fingering OOAK colourway © ALLISON THISTLEWOOD
Pebble Beach in Islington fingering OOAK colourway © Allison Thistlewood

Last but not least, I’d like to send out a huge THANK YOU to everyone who helped me with lifting this weekend. With my gimbled wrist I wasn’t able to move things around and I got masses of help from Renée, Catherine, Sally & her volunteer partner (whose name I never did get!), John and of course, the aforementioned glory-duo Allison & Rachel. You guys ROCK MY WORLD. ;-*

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