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Done and dusted. Almost!

August 27, 2015

It’s been a long time coming but I’ve finally managed to finish my Sibella Cardigan! This jumper has taken me forever as I have, unusually, been working on many things at once, and took even longer due to my recent tendon problems… but I managed to carefully get the ribbon and buttons on the other day and am so pleased.


Beyul is an absolutely perfect match with the lace pattern and I am so pleased that the stitch definition showcases the lace divinely. I have been hoarding this amazing ribbon Maggie from Textile Garden gifted me at the end of Woolfest earlier in the year for the project (thanks again Maggie!).


Isn’t it amazing? It is even more beautiful in the flesh as the texture of the ribbon is so unusual. It really adds a touch of secret panache to the inside of the button band! Click on the images below for more detail:

I headed over to my favourite haberdashery Wayward for vintage buttons and knew I wanted black glass ones. It took me a bit of time to sift through everything, but I found them right before I was about to give up, in a lower cabinet, hidden away at the back. They are the perfect size and have a beautiful weight and feel to them.

Here is the finished cardi on Josette, waiting to be worn out this weekend!


One thing, though. And this is a re-occurring problem that keeps cropping up with my makes. I find that, even with the ribbon reinforcement, it gapes…which is something absolutely loathe in a cardi.The band is a narrow garter strip and both buttonhole and button are quite close to the edge.

Opinion time – these are my possible fixes:

  1. add an i-cord edging to the buttonhole side to add a bit more width and hope that this helps with gaping
  2. add an i-cord edging with buttonhole gaps and close the buttonholes in the garter with the hopes the i-cord edge holds the line better
  3. frog the band altogether and reknit the garter as a vertical ribbing band like my Tambourine. I found this edging amazingly effective on a much more form-fitting knit!

What do you all think would work best? Or maybe you have a better option? Help? I need this to be perfect and it is SO close! ;-?

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