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Kettle gift giving guide for knitting and crochet – Part 1- under £30

November 20, 2015


Every year I hear from people struggling to buy gifts for the makers in their lives and thought I’d put together a small series of posts to help you shop for friends and to help non-knitters pick gifts for their loved ones!

These guides can also be used for lovely crocheter’s out there as well, so please forgive my chronic use of the word ‘knitter’…I just haven’t found a generic term for both I like yet. ;-P

This series for gifting will start with under £30 gifts. Most non-knitters wouldn’t think this could get you enough to knit something in, but we know one skein of yarn gets us pretty far and is such a precious gift to receive! Bigger isn’t always better. A gorgeous skein of high quality luxury yarn is one of the most treasured gifts a knitter can get and is guaranteed to get your gift-ee squeeing.

Those of you not already on my mailing list can download the first pdf guide below. You can forward the pdf to loved ones with the included links or print out the guide to strategically leave around the house as a not-so-subtle hint! ;-P

Stay tuned for the over £30 guide soon!
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Read the gift guide on the blog
1. Aran and DK yarn
2. Fingering, sock and 4-ply yarn

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TOP GIFTING TIP – I discovered an amazing tool to help with gifting and getting a few years ago – Amazon wishlists. A big heads up for those of you that don’t know this, but you can use the Amazon wishlist button which lets you pin things from all over the web, not just Amazon wares.

I highly recommend this method as friends and family can search for your wishlist on amazon and get you EXACTLY what you’d like. Also, as a gift-er it makes life blissfully painless as you can pick and choose items to give that you know people want! ;-)[/alert]


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