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NEW DESIGN: Rosebay Hat

November 23, 2018

Introducing my new hat design today – Rosebay! Light and airy, this hat packs a lot of heat in its fluffy fibres and was designed in Northiam fingering in Thistle and Hythe lace in Quartz held together to make a gorgeously lofty DK fabric that traps air for insulation. This is a quick knit that would make a stunning gift for that special person on your list.

Rosbay Hat - Knitting Magazine
image © Knitting Magazine 

There are a many combinations  of Northiam and Hythe that you could use for this hat, and I’ve created a kit listing of a few simple pairings.

Top with a contrasting pompom to add a bit of fun to this pretty hat! I used Barley yellow in the sample for a contrasting pop of colour. Chose from 11 shades of Northiam DK for your  pom pom.

For matching hand warmers to go with the hat, knit either of my DK wristwarmer patterns with the leftover yarn! Fluffy Amelina, top right, and Aeolica wristwarmers, bottom right, would be absolutely amazing with the hat, and a perfect quick knit for gifting.

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