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One/ Five…Beetlebum! (and a shop update today)

April 01, 2016

I am finally getting the last of the skeins from EYF back on the shop for the update today and have a few Westminster skeins left to share:


WESTMINSTER – baby camel/ silk fingering – from top: colebrooke, ginger, gold rush, rhubarb

I’ve done a quick One / Five today of Beetlebum by designer Renée Callahan to give you an idea how amazing each hue looks in this beautiful shawl. You may remember this project from sometime last year. I originally knit it in bright, glowing Shantung pink, and as you can see below, it is still going strong. This large crescent wrap uses only one skein of Westminster fingering.


I thought it would be nice to see what it would look like in the other hues available, for fun, so here is…

Gold Rush,



and Ginger.

This update also has some new project bags, I’ve restocked the popular Cabin & Narwhal bags and gotten more of the Baa Ewe Pins in:

Kettle_Yarn_Co_ISLINGTON_ScissorPlate3Just a heads up –   I mistakenly set the Chop-Chop plates listing to ‘allow back orders’ and now need to get more in.So my goof is your gain… these are still on sale for £10 until the end of next week.

All items are now in shop!


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