One / Five… Puddle Stomper!

November 29, 2016

image © Gale Zucker

Introducing yet another glorious shawl pattern by Kirsten Kapur today in Kettle Yarn Co. Islington!

image © Gale Zucker

Puddle Stomper is a gorgeous two-colour asymmetrical, curved triangle shawl which begins at one narrow end and increases to a pretty lace border. Part of Kirsten’s  Through the Loops 10 Years collection, she’s just released each pattern individually and has reknit this gorgeous shawl in Islington fingering! What a doll.

To make it simple I’ve made up some pretty combos of hues that are currently in stock for easy choosing and gifting and created a kit listing on the shop.

Options available:

Peony / Padparadscha – light pink and fluoro pink

Old Smoke / Persimmon – charcoal grey and bright citrus orange

Icicle / Blighty – light almost white silver and mid grey

Squirrelly / Persimmon – shimmering taupe and bright citrus orange

Mustard / Blighty – mustard gold and mid grey

Siren Call / L’heure Bleue – shimmering teal blue and dark indigo

The design is now available on Ravelry. Huge to Kirsten for another stunning shawl design!

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