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Personal Tips on Managing Covic-19 Anxiety

March 19, 2020

Personal Tips on Managing Covic-19 Anxiety

Things are pretty crazy in the world right now. It is easy to get caught up in fear and panic with the media whipping everyone into a frenzy, but don't let it get spin you into depression! I continue to dye and ship as usual, with slightly reduced shipping, once a week only. If you need any glorious yarn for projects, fear not, there is plenty at hand with no shortage in the near future. 😋

Avoiding panic and keeping our heads is the main goal at the moment. We have all seen and heard the steps we can take to stay safe - social distancing/isolating, hand washing, avoiding touching your face in public, etc. But what about when you are at home alone and thoughts start spiralling?

As someone with a long past of anxiety disorders, here are some of my own personal tips on staying calm and reducing anxiety in all the madness:

  • Focus on what you CAN change, and stop stressing about the things you can't.
  • Try to get into a regular schedule. Wake and go to bed around the same time every day, eat and exercise regularly. Keeping a schedule will make things feel less chaotic and uncertain.
  • Take a digital holiday! Get away from your screens for at least a few hours a day. 
  • Limit watching/listening to media coverage to once daily - if that - and choose your sources carefully. Social media can be just as toxic as Fox News! I recommend getting updates from the World Health Organization - get it straight from the source without any bias or drama.
  • Limit how much time you spend receiving energy instead of giving. By receiving I mean sitting still and letting the world come to you, eg. through screens. Spend more time expending energy in the form of making, helping others, planning future projects, etc.

    Think action - even if it is just in your own isolated environment instead of being a passive observer absorbing (toxic) energy from other sources. You'll feel much better about life and yourself having knit 40 rows on a jumper, or making muffins then having scrolled through instagram feeds on doom and gloom or watching crappy tv for an hour!
  • Try a new creative skill. Give something a try you've been meaning to for ages, but haven't found the time. Embroidery? Punch needle? Give it a go!
  • Eat healthy, well-balanced meals, drink lots of water. Avoid too much alcohol, caffeine and sugar - they just make you feel crap in the end.
  • Exercise. Some of us might be self isolating, but 5 minutes of exercise a few times a day will do us all a world of good, lifting endorphins and strengthening immune systems. Download a free 7 minute exercise app and get moving whenever you start feeling low!
  • Listen to music. Not just in the background, but REALLY listen and let it lift your mood.
  • Get fresh air. Talk a walk in the woods, on the beach, or in a local park. Hear the birds in the trees and watch the wind in the grass. Remember - you can get out, but just keep 2m distance from others. Keep hands away from your face and wash well when you get home.
  • Think of how you can help someone who might be struggling during this time. Reach out to friends and family. Help out a neighbour that might be self isolating.
  • Support a small business that might not make it through with reduced sales. Continue to support your local pubs and cafes if you can afford to. Order the meal in advance and pick it up to go. These folks still need the custom to keep their staff and bills paid.
  • Engage in activities that allow you to connect to others and feel part of a community, even if you are indoors alone. Sign up to KALs (like the Kettle Sock KAL!) 
We are all in this together. Stay safe and much love, my friends.
Kisses from me and the girls.
Linda xx

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