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Quick holiday knit suggestions

December 08, 2015

Starting to feel the gifting pressure on this end and hope all of you out there are feeling much more relaxed than I am about the impending holidays! If you are still looking for some quick knits for gifting here are a few simple suggestions.

The Seaward hat below in Padparadscha takes only one skein and can be knit in a couple quick evenings. I have just one taken one off the needles in Marigold!

The Bagatelle Cowl by Rachel C. Brown shown mocked up also in Marigold takes only 2 skeins of yarn and knits up in a flash in thick DK.

Another simple quick knit would be my Brioche Hat in even thicker Waltham Aran.Kettle_Yarn_Co_Brioche_Hat_Waltham.

As there is more Beyul Yurt back in shop you’ve also got plenty of time to knit a quick Naloa shawl for someone special. I have a full range of colours in Beyul now to pair up with the light grey.

Naloa by Renée Callahan shown in Yurt above with an Oaak white and beading

Renée has another quick Beyul knit – her gloriously simple mesh Veil of Leithen shawl which takes only one skein and would be stunning in a bright hue.

Veil of Leithen by Renée Callahan
Veil of Leithen by Renée Callaha

Or maybe a speedy Pebble Beach Shawl? Helen’s re-released this in several sizes so you can knit until you run out of time, then bind off at the last minute!

Any of the Kettle fingering weight blends are perfect for this shawl and you can see several examples in Westminster, Islington and Beyul in the Ravelry project gallery – they all look amazing, each with their own special qualities.

Kettle_Yarn_Co_Pebble Beach
Pebble Beach Shawl by Helen Stewart shown in Westminster Gold Rush
Helen’s also got the sparkly Sunburst Shawl, shown in Islington fingering Blighty, which is a one-skein project with simple beading that would be stunning for New Years!
All of these can be finished in either a couple of days for the hats or a couple weeks of evening knitting for the shawls.
Hope this helps at a time of decision overload!

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