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Release the HOUND: Baskerville is back!

June 30, 2017

from left: Umbra, Eventide, Dusk, Leaden, Nebulous, Avocado dyed, Dawn
After months of impatiently waiting for deliciously soft, high grade British Gotland to be shorn off its sheepy host I am overjoyed to announce that my exclusiveexclusive small-batch yarn, Baskerville, is now back in stock in all hues!

My Teign wrap in the full spectrum: DuskEventideUmbra and Dawn

Baskerville is a unique blend of yarn, melding the lustrous, velvety crimp of the finest Gotland and the frothy loft of new-breed Exmoor Blueface – a hybrid sheep born of prized Bluefaced Leicester and at risk British breed Exmoor Horn.

Walkham by Hanna Maciejewska in Umbra

With a hint of luminous silk adding a gentle shimmer, this unique blend is a subtly modern take on traditional rustic yarns.

Yealm crochet wrap by Kat Goldin in Eventide

My Gotland-rich blend Baskerville DARK is also back in stock, inverting the percentages of dark Gotland and light Exmoor Blueface to create a slightly crunchier version.

DARK comes in natural Nebulous and darker charcoal Leaden.

Bovey by Courtney Spainhower in Baskerville Dawn and Baskerville DARK Leaden 

I still have a few copies of Baskerville Dawn to Duskin shop with all these lovely designs as well!

Click through and read Yarn Whisperer Clara Parkes’ review on famed Knitter’s Review for her thoughts on the blend and find it in shop now!

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