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Revisiting old favourites – Imogen

October 06, 2015

Three years ago – what feels like a lifetime in knitting years – when I was first learning to knit, a pattern was released that made my heart beat faster and my eyes grow round. Positive the complicated-looking lace panel would be well beyond me, I told myself it would be a learning experience. So I pushed up my sleeves and prepared to learn!


A little over a month later I finished my version of Carrie Bostick Hoge’s beautiful Imogen Wool and, remarkably, even managed to figure out how to convert the pattern to DK weight.  I remember a lot of frogging and the initial frustration learning how to read a chart and deal with yarn overs. It all seemed SO HARD at the time.

Well, I’ve always wanted to remake this in lighter fingering weight and when I needed a new project for my holiday I figured it would be a good project to slowly get my wrist back up to snuff after the tendon issues I’ve been having. My reasoning being that the lighter weight of yarn is easier on the wrists, there are no stressing twisted stitches and I would have to slow down each round for the lace panel.

I’ve been sewing up some pretty crazy novelty prints lately, so figured simple was best for this make and chose Willow Marl grey in lovely Heath 100% ethical Merino from the shop.

I cast on a few days before we hopped on a plane to Spain for a last blast of sunshine. Here are some shots of the gorgeous area we were in – Alhama de Granada, a sleepy, welcoming little town in Andalucia. What a gem.

I could go on about this place all day! The food, the scenery, the people! 1.5 hours away from Malaga and less than that the other way to Granada, the town is well placed for relaxation and site seeing.

This time the lace panel was a breeze for me, and I got plenty of knitting time in. I even discovered some new places to knit…

…like the fantastic tapas bar we found, El Tigre


…Alhambra palace in Granada…

… ancient church gardens in Malaga…

..even in age-old streets as a massive religious procession passed with full marching band, billowing incense and complete with massive float or ‘Paso’ being carried by a team of bearers!!! This totally unexpected and magical. No one who lived there even seemed to know what it was for, which I found quite funny!

I was lucky enough to get some pointers on where to buy fabric in Malaga from the lovely Isabel, @ohlanas (thanks again Isabel), and even managed to sneak in some bargain fabric shopping at Ribes and Casals! Naughty me. But I couldn’t resist viscose jersey at €1,95/m or gorgeous 100% cotton Broderie Anglais and grey/blue embroidered fabric at €3.95/m. That would be crazy talk.


It has been a tough year and this holiday was a much-needed, life-affirming breath of fresh air! I am now on the sleeves of the jumper and love the idea of this top being a souvenir of such an amazing holiday. Can’t wait for it to be done.

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