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Tensile – 3 ideas for yarn substitutions

July 13, 2018

Brooklyn Tweed has released their much awaited Wool People Vol. 12 last month. I’ve absolutely fallen in love with Emily Greene’s eyelet jumper shown above, Tensile, and am trying to figure out when I might be able to make time to knit it for myself.

I’ve been imagining this in all my blends…

On the rustic side as originally designed, my small-batch British Ramble would be very similar to Loft, wooly and airy with a lot of warmth.
You can see below how soft the eyelet definition is with a woolen-spun yarn, like Ramble and Loft.

Ramble in Gorse yellow

Baskerville would give you a softer handle next to bare skin and a bit more lustre and compact tooth, especially if you use Baskerville Dark, with its higher percentage of luscious British Gotland. The jumper would look light and airy, shimmering in the sun.

In worsted spun Baskerville the eyelets will be more defined and the jumper will let through more air than above but will still have a rustic appearance like the original.

Baskerville in Dawn

If you wanted to go softer and more luxurious, Beyul would be perfect. The jumper would have a less boxy shape due to the silk’s drape and the eyelets would really pop in the plied version. Or you could use the new Singles to get a softly defined version.

Beyul is worsted spun as well, so sleek, making the eyelets truly round.

Beyul fingering in Turquoise Tarn and Yurt

Substitute any of these yarns for any of the designs in Wool People 12, depending on which jumper you think you’d be happiest with.

Now back to trying to decide which to use!


  • Tensile image © Brooklyn Tweed

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