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Unravel at Farnham Maltings!

February 18, 2016

The first show of the season is upon us and I am loading up the van today with many goodies for any of you that can make it to Farnham this weekend for the fun!

I am lucky enough to be located in the beautiful Tannery again this year, directly up the stairs from the entrance to Farnham Maltings to your right.

I will have my trusty sidekick, designer extraordinaire Renée Callahan joining me with her beautiful wares again! We’ll have samples of her designs in my yarns, patterns to sell, and even a few copies of her beautiful new publication The Klee Collection.


I’ve managed to save a mere handful of the first batch of my new Baskerville blend for the show, so if you were hoping to get any skeins, I’d head up to us first thing Friday. After the amazing Clara Parkes glorious article on the blend in the Knitter’s Review last week things got a little heated and THREE batches of this blend have pre-sold on the shop!!

baskerville lineup

A quick quote from the review that made me blush with joy:

[content_band bg_color=”#eef4f6″ style=”padding-left:25px;padding-right:25px” border=”all”] Reviewed in Knitter’s Review:
[blockquote cite=”Clara Parkes, Knitter’s Review” type=”left”]‘The fibers have been combed for smoothness and cohesion, but the yarn still had a pleasant degree of stickiness and “grab” to it. The two plies stayed together, never snagging or untwisting. I moved from a scrumptious garter-stitch to a perky three-dimensional feather and fan before settling on smooth stockinette. Each stitch was a pleasure.’ [/blockquote] See more of what Clara says about Baskerville…[/content_band]

What an absolute STAR that lady is.

To make up for not having much of the blend for the show I’ve also special dyed some Indigo Islington and have a few of those for you as well:

There is also a full array of colour in Islington DK, Fingering, Beyul and other bits and bobs, not to mention more of the BAA pins and bags for your project-enhancing enjoyment! ;-P

I’ve left the shop up and running this time but have reduced the stock set everything to back order to make sure I don’t sell anything online that sells out at the show. If you order this weekend I will get your skeins to you out on my return if they are in stock or contact you with an estimated date if they are not. Baskerville is definitely on back order and pre-sales for the late May-June batch are happening now.

Can’t wait for Friday! See some of you there!

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