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Xmas Grainline Farrow

December 30, 2016

I ordered Graineline’s new Farrow dress pattern from Fabric Godmother a few days before Xmas. It arrived a couple days later and I couldn’t help cracking it open and immediately tracing out the pattern!

I made a quick Muslim toile of the bodice and made my ‘wearable toile’ in some thick Cupro I bought in Canada last year. The drape is perfect for this design.

I’ve read that Grainline patterns are drafted a bit wide in the shoulders  so as per another blogger’s suggestion I measured my upper bust and went with that measurement. I did have to add about a cm to the bust, but the back fit perfectly, despite this bunchy looking photo as I am turning around. This size fits my narrow upper back, where I  usually  have issues with too much width. I am thinking a bust adjustment is probably a better way to go about fitting the front, but a bit of extra width did the trick so leaving it there!

Oddly, the the one place I had a problem was the upper arm width. I needed to add nearly an inch to make the sleeve fit comfortably. Telling myself it isn’t bingo wing syndrome.

I added 2 inches to the hem, and am glad I did. Though next time will add one or even two inches more to get it a bit further under my knees. I hate seeing my knobbly knees under a perfectly good hem.

I adore the pockets. The construction is interesting and I love how sleek they look.

I’ll  definitely make this over and over. Though will leave off the sleeve facings and possibly extend the neck facing in future makes.

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