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Yorkshire Yarnfest!

May 30, 2020

Yorkshire Yarnfest!

Thanks for joining me this morning for my live feed on @yorkshireyarnfest's account! If you missed the episode, I've saved my segment to my highlights and you can watch it at my @kettleyarnco instagram account.

As promised, here is a breakdown of the designs and yarn combos I discussed. You can see all of my projects on Ravelry at KettleYarnCo!

Northiam - non-superwash British Bluefaced Leicester

Shifty by Andrea Mowry - colours Swift, Amber, Thistle, Rosehip, Shale.⁣  See full blog post for other colour combos! 5 skeins for all sizes:

Ink & Brass by Dani Sunshine - Northiam fingering Amber and Rosehip⁠.

UPDATE: Amber is currently sold out, but I will get more dyed at the mill as soon as their dyer can get to it. I will be setting the listing to allow back orders and will update the listing when I have an eta. 

 I am looking at probably a couple months as they work through back logs.

If you need to start  this straight away, check out Farthing as an alternative with Rosehip, which would also be gorgeous!  Samphire/ Thistle and Seafoam /Barley would also be spectacular!

Also, check out #inkandbrasspullover on instagram to see my Beyul fiingering suggestions for alternatives in the yarn it was designed in!

Islington British Bluefaced Leicester and silk

Jana Huck's Islington fingering Persimmon Persepective in Persimmon, Squirrelly and Old Smoke:

I have put together kits with 4 colour combos:

1. Orange - Persimmon, Squirrelly and Old Smoke 
2. Blue - Julep, Siren Call and Nori
3. Yellow - Blighty, Ochre, and Old Smoke
4. Pink - Avocado dyed, Padparadscha and Voodoo

Baskerville 2.0 -  new blend of British Bluefaced Leicester/ Gotland

Fleuriste cardigan by Sari Nordlund designed in the new blend*
(*mislabelled to the old blend on Ravelry listing - 2.0 IS the correct blend used for her design and sample.):

Old School Sweater by Veera Vallimaki 

Koko wrap by  Olga Buraya-Kefelian⁠ in Saffron, Madder and Dawn.
Other combinations suggested: ⁠
Grellow - Saffron, Leaden and Dawn⁠
Blue - Woad, Saffron and Dawn
Beyul - baby Yak, Silk and *ethically farmed Merino. 
*These Peruvian sheep were treated kindly and ethically with no mulesing - as is typically performed at most Australian and New Zealand Merino sheep farms.

Brioche on the Beach by Renée Callahan in my Beyul Singles speckle, Villanelle, and Islington Blighty. Other colour suggestion shown was Nebulae and Icicle.

Another stunning design by Renée, my  Sama wrap used Neptune and Iceberg. Other suggestions from top below: Monk's Robe/ Balsam, Auburn/Rhubarb, Moss/Lichen

Beyul Onyx in  Olive Leaf Pullover by Yuri Nagoaka - Ririko from Hand Knit Life.

Beyul DK Iceberg Liminal Shawl by Andrea Mowry. Mine is knit in Citrine.

Beyul DK Yurt Whitehorse by Caitlin Hunter - see sleeve modification on my Ravelry page by clicking through link.

Find all the yarns in shop and patterns on Ravelry!


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